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Accelerate your team to Great: Introducing "gameAhead"

gameAhead(tm) - accelerate your team to great

Today sees the launch of our new game-based workshop, gameAhead! Games have been a key part of Beyond the Board's training from very beginning, and we've now taken all that we've learnt to produce a compact, fun and compelling way to tap your team's potential.

Please head over to the gameAhead main page to see all the details or download our factsheet to find out everything about this new workshop and what it offers.

For those of you who have already enjoyed one of our existing game-based workshops like "Stick or Twist", don't panic - they are still available and fair follow-ups still apply. Over the next few weeks we will be updating and revising those courses to bring them under the gameAhead banner.

If you're interested to explore how cognitive gaming can work for your organisation, do get in touch. The more we learn from you, the better we can be of service.

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