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Fair Follow-ups

Every trainee is an individual and at the conclusion of a course there are often some who would benefit from a consolidation session, or some who desire a more advanced treatment of the topics covered.

Our system of Fair Follow-ups allows you to meet these needs in a particularly cost-effective way. Here's an example of how it works:

  • You book a training course for 8 employees. The course cost is our at our usual no-nonsense rates.

  • The course is delivered. Afterward you determine that 4 of those employees would benefit from a second session to allow them to ask further questions and receive more focused training.

  • Using Fair Follow-ups, you are entitled to a 25% discounted rate on the second booking!

You can use Fair Follow-up pricing for the full version of a short Taster Menu course, or even to do another related course entirely. The only condition is that all trainees attended the original training.

You can continue to book Fair Follow-ups for any attendees who were present at the original training session, up to 3 months afterwards. Contact us to ask any questions.

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