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Frequently Asked Questions


We try to answer the most common questions here, but if there's something else you want to ask just get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

 01  What is "evidence-based" training?

At Beyond the Board we take pride in ensuring that all our training is based on actual published research in the fields of psychology and learning, particularly in the occupational sphere. Rather than simply repeat standard recipes, we check - and keep checking - that the guidance and techniques we convey are backed up by current evidence. Crucially, as new evidence arrives we update our training to reflect evolving expertise. We are always happy to share and discuss with you the original academic citations (and where possible, the full papers) if you wish.




 02  How do you use games in your training?

Much of our use of games is during actual training sessions, and once the participants reach the learning goal the game has been completed. Others are intended to be played longer term to build skills progressively in your workforce. In either case, we do not use online games or apps, but real, physical games. This is chiefly because they generate better social engagement, but has the added advantage that you can control where (and therefore when) gaming takes place. 




 03  When a course is available in two lengths, how do I choose?

If, after reading the course details, you still aren't clear which length is right for your organisation, please get in touch and we will be happy to talk through the differences to help you reach a decision. However, thanks to our "fair follow-ups" policy you can also book the shorter length and put those who would benefit through the additional content at a discounted price.




 04  I have more than 12 people to train. How does this work?

If you know in advance that you will need training for larger numbers talk to us about our block discount rates!

We want to give your people our full personal attention, so we work in groups of 12 or fewer. We are happy to run as many sessions as needed to allow all your staff to benefit.

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