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At Beyond The Board we take care to ensure all our services are based on sound research evidence. As the state of the art in occupational psychology advances, our courses are updated continuously to take account of new approaches and insights.

Our clear, no-nonsense pricing model including Fair Follow-ups allows you to optimise your training schedule and budget.

Choose and book our services individually, or for a personalised approach ask about our Productivity Program.

Training Courses


We offer a selection of courses designed to improve the well-being and productivity of you and your employees. Choose from our list of popular courses or contact us to discuss your needs for a bespoke session.

If we are new to you, why not ask about a free short sampler course?

Personal Coaching


Do you or one of your colleagues face a specific challenge, or have a concrete goal you want to achieve? One-to-one psychological coaching with one of our qualified team will identify how to use the skills and capabilities you have to achieve a successful outcome. Contact us to arrange a free initial appointment.



The benefits of strategic gaming are an active area of research and we incorporate mini-games into our courses to raise engagement and break down barriers. 

Try our game-centered courses and workshops to take the next step to boosting your team's creative and problem-solving skills.

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