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Our 'taster sessions' bring the tapas experience to soft-skill training - ideal for a quick kick start or refresher, or to gain a broad grounding before choosing one of our in-depth courses.

Choose any four one-hour sessions from the list below. If you later expand any taster course to its full version, our Fair Follow-ups pricing applies.

Contact us to discuss any of the sessions and book your taster morning or afternoon.

What is Resilience?

Personal resilience: the ability to bounce back from adversity. A condensed form of our Resilience course to help you remain focused and productive while experiencing change.

Understanding Stress

Learn to engage stress successfully and transform your workplace. A condensed form of our Stress Management course.

When Smart People Act Stupid

An introduction to the cognitive errors and biases that affect us all. Learn how to spot them in others and, most importantly, yourself! Improve your decision-making and resolve disputes from a new perspective.


Developing effective communication and listening skills deepens our connections to others and enables you to communicate difficult messages. A condensed form of our Communications course.

Arbitration: The Three Question Method

Does your role involve resolving conflict in either a formal or informal setting? Learn the powerful technique of the "Three Question Method" along with many other evidence-based tips and pointers.

Happy Ever After?

Everyone seeks happiness, but what is it? Can it be attained by sheer effort, or is it really just down to luck? Can you even be happy all the time? These and other questions are being answered by the science of Positive Psychology and the results are enlightening.

Time Management

Understand why it is that we struggle to manage our time well, and strategically organise your time for your work and your own professional growth. A condensed form of our Time Management course.

Understanding Change

Our personal attitudes to change have a huge impact on how we react to and cope with it. Turn organisational upheaval from “a rearrangement of the chairs” into a successful transition. A condensed form of our full Change Management course.

Better Appraisals

Boost your confidence and give more accurate performance ratings that are perceived as fairer and more accurate. A condensed form of our Performance Appraisals course.

The Illusions of Quality

"Premium", "Artisan", "Professional": from goods to services, we are often promised quality. What, though, distinguishes real quality from bling? How can we be fooled by others - and ourselves - when we look for it? Learn the four pillars of quality and how to recognise them in your business and people.

Six Thinking Hats

Learn how to use Edward de Bono's famous "six thinking hats" technique and revolutionise your meetings! Our certified instructor will show you how to break out of cognitive ruts. 

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