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Make performance your next move.

Getting the best performance from your key people requires more than traditional procedure-based training. When the environment and challenges can change quickly, you need the ability to assess evidence, solve problems and execute plans with speed and confidence - in other words, strategic thinking.


GameAhead™ combines findings from the latest research with our experience and expertise to create a thought-provoking and enjoyable workshop that will immediately build problem-solving and strategic skills. Its unique hands-on, game-based approach ensures attendees truly engage with the material and each other, building team spirit and friendly competition along the way.

The one-day workshop can be taken as a standalone unit or as a gateway into our Productivity Program, where we work with you to expand upon the performance areas you want to grow within your organisation. It also makes a excellent element for a staff “away day”.

How GameAhead Works

The Power of Games

Table-top gaming has undergone a renaissance in recent years as a counterpoint to the constant distractions of online life, with boardgames cafes and social enterprises offering play in relaxed locations. As well as providing a fun and memorable way to self-learn, the structured competition provided by gaming can cross cultural and linguistic barriers in your organisation, binding teams and fostering working relationships.

Thinking Strategically

 Strategic games can be complex or deceptively simple. In either case, they allow individuals to learn about their own problem-solving skills. Because games give immediate feedback and are insulated from external influences, players can try different approaches and discover what works best for them. Moreover, the acts of setting challenges and achieving goals as one improves - at any level of play - is known to be beneficial to physical and mental health.

Tailored to You - Custom Design Option

Maybe you have a specific concept, process or collection of information that you wish to communicate to your employees and colleagues? By having it built into a bespoke game, you will enjoy a way to blend learning and fun that you can use again and again. Even the process of design itself gives valuable insights you can feed back into your business. Contact us to discuss a consultancy appointment. 

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Extra GameAhead™ Workshops

Game Works

GameAhead™ Kings and Queens

Chess has been used successfully in company resilience programs and its depth, history and culture make it worth fostering in your organisation. Our workshop teaches this classic game with a fresh, modern presentation that requires no prior knowledge.


The workshop includes our exclusive Chesscards, an add-on to either standard or simplified chess that can add another dimension to evenly matched opponents or allow the less experienced player to enjoy a competitive game with the office expert. More than just introducing randomness, Chesscards actually increase the scope for strategic thinking and have been carefully designed to build awareness of concepts useful in the "pure" game.

Workshop price includes one set of cards; contact us for extra set deals.


GameAhead™ Think in Waves

Being able to reflect on your own strategies - metacognition - is a key skill in problem-solving and continuous personal development. This interactive workshop uses a mixture of puzzles and two-player games to teach the “Think in Waves” technique, ending with a thought-provoking look into an ancient but unfamiliar game.

GameAhead™ Stick or Twist?

The ability to correctly assess and make judgements of risk and probability is a key skill for almost any position, whether it involves workplace safety or sales opportunity. Using examples from classic games and exercises from psychological research, this workshop will empower participants to recognise and rise above common errors and biases.

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