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Productivity Programme

Choose your goals.

Start with a one-to-one consultancy to determine your objectives for your business.

Let us support you in finding the ideal learning and development programme for your employees. Perhaps you are a small firm without dedicated Learning and Development staff, or you wish to bring in outside expertise to kick-start a new initiative; whatever your goal or circumstance, we can arrange and deliver a training plan while you concentrate on running your business.

Every company's needs are unique, so we start by getting to know how you work and what challenges you want to tackle. This may involve an onsite visit or one or more online meetings.

We then assemble a training plan based on our proven courses and workshops, adjusted to your needs, backed up with additional support to help you monitor post-training performance and consolidate your employees' learning.

Once your bespoke programme has been created, you can have it delivered again in future at a special discounted rate. Perfect for refresher courses, or the induction of new staff into your organisation's culture. It delights us to form a long-term relationship with businesses as they grow and contribute to the community.

Contact us to arrange an initial appointment.

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